Barolo Riserva

It comes from my oldest  vineyard  located   close to the cellar located in  Bussia of  Monforte d’Alba, one of the most reknowned hill into the Barolo wine area.  Not so slope vineyard, 58 years old plant , at 450 mt on the sea level ; In total 0,30 ha in renting, planted into a withe gray marl soil, with some presence of quarzic sand. Well sunny (faced to the south-west) , very big and loing wood/ roth, so that at lot of riserva substance, at lot of “rizosphera” that let keep more original land flavour   .

5.000 plant per hectare, cultivated with single guyot, not irrigated , with green manure fertilising based on “beens and vetch ”  ; a carpet of this grass aid to capture nitrogen  from atmosfere and fix it into the soil.

Green harvest was made in jun cutting in the half alls cluster ; in this way, from jun, the vine give to eat only to the berry that arrive into the cellar. Small crop per plant , around 1 kg means more balance beetweeen sugar/acidity/total polifenol/ripe tannin.

Harvest , during October 12th , was  totally hand-made by my family, looking 13 analisyss to can arrive into the cellar with safe/ripe and weel balanced extract ; plastic cases was washed with hot water every times that we go to the Vineyard to avoid any kind of pollution .Clusters have only destemning process to had at lot of whoole berry into the fermentation tank . Fermentation started with a inoculation of selected-authocton fresh yeast .

Inside inox tank, fermentation with automatically punping over, was one week long , after there was a very long maceration post fermentation, on the submerged skyns, 60 days in total, and malolactic fermentation was made in quickly natural way in this moment .

Racked from skins and putted by hand  inside vacum pressing machine at low pression (0,8 bar) , wine again dirty go to regenerated barrique ; in this way i had clean oak , with open porosity, without having toasted  or aromatic flavour. This ageing will go on with weekly batonnage untill may, then only the weekly refilling (to replace wath evaporated) into the  same  barrel for totally 26 month. In this way there was a very strong

extraction of polysaccarid and protein from this sediment, process that aid to have  more complex but round and drinkable flavour.

Thyrd  year of ageing was made inside quite small slavonia oak  barrel (750 liter capacity) toh have less oxigenation into the wine . In december, after 36  total month of ageing, this Barolo was putted inside inox tank to keep the cold temperature from cellar , having so a natural sedimentation ; in the spring , in collaboration with my ex-winemaker teacher, we tried different fining agent , tryng omeopatic quantity (exp 0,5 gr every 100 ltr.) just to start a finig reaction-process.  After 2 month of sedimenting , wine was bottled without filtering (only a large inox net) , with a low sulfite addition.

A refining in the bottle for 24 month aid to arrive to more complex parfums and round flavour.


1.800  bottles produced


Alcohl :  14,68 % by vol     Titratable Acidity : 6,25     Sulfite level : 92 mg/l  Dry extract : 32,20 gr/l


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